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Why Rate Leaf

Family-owned and operated, Rate Leaf was founded in December 2019 by husband-wife team Christian and Valerie Mourra. This power team started as a quartet and is now proud to have a strong team of 25!

Having been in the industry for over 15 years, the company understands how demanding corporate lifestyles can be and realizes that burn-outs are real! Rate Leaf prides itself in promoting a healthy work-life balance.

At Rate Leaf, the belief is that if you are a highly motivated and self-disciplined individual, the possibilities are endless to grow your own business.
Most of us live our life on auto-pilot and forget that it is possible to live a life by design. It is a process, but this means you know exactly where you are heading and the lifestyle and mindset that you want to have.

Rate Leaf understands the importance of teamwork: our sales partners and clients receive personalized service. Branch Partner will have the entire chain of command available with unlimited access to the owner-broker, a unique and personalized digital landing page, ongoing training available anytime at their request, and access to our cutting-edge tech support.

Catering to the team is of utmost importance and lays the foundation for a successful partnership.


Full Service Support:

  • Answering your clients
  • Pre-qualifying all your deals
  • Pre-Underwriting
  • Processing
  • Closing
  • Post Closing Support

Full access and custom setup with our tech tools including: CRM, LOS & lead generation 

Full support in onboarding new loan officers in your branch which includes unlimited training support on-site or remote.

Unique & personalized digital landing page on Rate Leaf website.

Marketing assistance & social media management 

Cutting edge, fully digital integrated technology

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