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Join Vanessa Toro

Creative Finance Strategies Webinar

Rate Leaf Phone
Rate Leaf PhoneRate Leaf PhoneRate Leaf Phone

Join Vanessa every Wednesday for the Creative Finance Strategies Webinar. The Link we supply our clients to get the dream home!!

Creative Finance Strategies Webinar

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Hello, Everyone! Thank you for taking the time to Register.  Here is what you should expect out of this seminar:

  • How our RateLeaf Loan Process works.
  • Understanding what Renovation Loans are and how they work.
  • What resources you will need to help execute the transaction.
  • How our Realtor Partners use it to attract more business.
  • What resources we can provide you to put you to attract more clients.
  • How our Realtor Partners use this program to attract more clients.
  • How we stay Top of Mind with funnels designed to lead back to you.