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How To Generate Income When Homeowners Aren’t Ready To Sell

How To Generate Income When Homeowners Aren’t Ready To Sell

When people are hesitant to sell their home, they may be tempted to take advantage of the red-hot rental market. This is bad news for realtors, as renting eats up precious time without earning the same commission as sales. We get it, mortgage brokers aren’t fans of this decision either! 

Yet these homeowners are a pipeline of sellers, so retaining them is good business. As we enter another tricky time in the market, it’s also smart to have avenues that generate income outside of the traditional buy/sell transaction. 

This is why Rate Leaf has teamed up with Belong to provide a solution for our realtor partners, outsourcing the hard work of processing a rental property while still delivering income. 

What is Belong?

Belong looks after homes on the rental market, but they’re not a property management company. In fact, Belong’s residential network is not like anything in the market. It’s renting people love. Belong supports both homeowners and their residents in every way possible — from maintenance services to guaranteeing rent and even 24/7 concierge support.

Outsource the work, not the income

For every eligible home referred to and leased by Belong, you’ll get paid as if you had done the work yourself. 

Swap the paperwork, the listings admin, home showings — the works. Belong will take care of that and still deliver you the commission, with 50% of the first month going to the referring realtor. As an extra incentive for Rate Leaf partners, if you refer 10 homeowners in a 6-month period, you’ll get a bonus of $10,000

This gives you valuable time back to focus on sales, while earning income on rentals for virtually no time or effort. Simply fill in this simple survey and Belong will handle the rest. 

You’ll get your clients back when they’re ready to sell — with a home that is worth more than when you sent them to Belong. With an in-house construction team, homes on the Belong network are maintained to the highest standard. There’s even finance available for homeowners to improve the value of the home. 

And with rent guaranteed (regardless of when tenants pay!), five-star service, and low vacancy rates, your clients will be happy customers who remember your hot tip when it comes time to buy or sell. 

Let’s win together

At Rate Leaf, we strive to win together. We’re committed to supporting successful careers in real estate and great outcomes for homeowners, which is why we’re proud to partner with you and our friends at Belong. 

Sign up for Belong’s Realtor Partner Program here or contact Belong at or (786) 628-0600. If you prefer Español, call (786) 786-1073 or visit Belong Español.